I Know You Read These

Published December 4, 2016 by ohmageezers

So do this for me… keep one promise. Just one promise for me. 

Don’t make any promises to this boy you’ll fail to keep. I’m enduring the heartache of your multiple broken promises and all I’m asking you, begging you, is to not do the same to my son… 

Don’t let him feel what you’ve made me feel…


A Glimpse At What Should Be

Published December 2, 2016 by ohmageezers

I’ve heard the phrase before “You’ll fall in love with him all over again as he falls in love with his child.” But you never realize how strong that is when he’s not yours anymore.. 

There’s so much I’ve shamefully attempted to tune out simply because my heart overfloods with emotion when I see him holding our baby, see the look on his face watching him sleep. I catch myself stopping myself from memorizing the soft way he talks to him, the little song he sang at the hospital, the way he’s so careful holding him- and it kills me. 

These are the little glimpses into what should have been. 

These are the moments I should be coveting. 

These should be happy memories…

No matter how much he’s destroyed me, I look at him and our child and all I wish for is for this little moment to be my reality. But honestly- I’d be terrified to ever hope he wants the same.. lord knows he has other people to fill the void. I know that just because my skin crawled to be kissed by someone else, he found -even if temporary- comfort in someone else. Remembering this makes it hurt enough to remind myself that this most likely will never be my reality…

I remind myself that even though she crippled us, he’s talking to her again. I remind myself that if this was something he had wanted back- he would have voiced so ages ago like I did.. at least that’s what I tell myself. Because telling myself anything else would allow the hope that he would want to fix this more than just to be friends and raise our son together without fighting. Allowing myself the thought that he stays silent just because would allow me to think that maybe he misses me as much as I do him. 

Keeping my mind at bay and my heart hurt keeps myself safe.. because sadly, no one tells you about the stories when one looses their soulmate. And no one tells you how to cope losing a root to your tree.. They never tell you that your heart never stops wanting them, that your love never dies, that you just as strongly want them years later. 

He was my future and I’m accepting that I was not his…

8 Weeks Left

Published October 11, 2016 by ohmageezers

I still feel almost nothing for this child in me. I slightly hate myself for this although I know that I won’t be disconnected forever.. We’ve moved, moved again, and moved once more. All I’ve learned is to trust no one. To let no one get close. This baby’s father is not involved due to my choosing.. every time I talk to him it turns into a fight. A stupid battle over things he just doesn’t get. Things he thinks he can still control… No… you say the things that you did to me at the closing of our relationship- I don’t have to owe you a thing…

I tried. I mean I really did. I invited him to come feel baby kick, told him he’s welcome at appointments and such. He greeted that with back to back no shows and silence via telephone. For someone he loved, I sure had been forgotten quickly. 

So I don’t feel bad that I’ve cut him off of my life right now. He brings me pain, stress, and annoying drunken calls at 3 AM. He is the mess I’m free of and don’t need back in my life.

I know he will demand his “fair share” of the babe, like he’s a possession to be won, and I will allow what I can. But it won’t be what he wants… I’ve realized that although I am difficult, hot headed, and quite hard to live with- He brought out the worst in me. I am not that evil, controlling person. I do not brood and push people out. I’m realatively not suspicious of people’s every move… yet I was with him. I had allowed myself to be corrupted from suspicion, pain, and repeated heartbreak. 

So no I will not let him force me to bend and break to his every whim. I will not allow things that make me uncomfortable, nor will I aspire to do things just to make him happy… This child will be a light, just like his big brother. 

I refuse to allow someone to come and smother that light away. 


Suicide is always an option. 

Published July 6, 2016 by ohmageezers

People never realize just how screwed up someone is until it’s too late. We stop begging and crying and screaming for someone to care. We just… Give up. 

To be numb is better than to question and to ask “God” why? To wonder why you can’t be good enough or wonder why you couldn’t change enough. Being numb means you can let go of your hopes and dreams. You can be okay with nothing. 

And when the numbness finally faded you find a better option.. 

Yes it may leave people behind hurt, but you see- when you’re so numb.. You forget about anyone but you…

And I have forgotten about everyone. I have given my hopes, my dreams, and my love away for the dark comfort of being numb.. And maybe, just maybe- I can find a more permanent comfort. I can find a way to give up the last bit of ache that comes when I sleep, how much I hate to feel the longing in my dreams. 

It will never be what I wanted. My dreams are only the foolish ones of a little girl, who was clinging to hope. 

I know no one follows this.. But it’s nice to think that my voice may echo out somewhere deep.. And that maybe- someone’s heart will break with me.. Some girl who knows the pain, and maybe, then I won’t feel so much. That last bit can be given away.. 


Nothing can even describe..

Published June 14, 2016 by ohmageezers

I know that I am far from the first person to write something about this weekend’s Orlando shooting, but here I am. I’ve been sitting here taking a class that is based on “What does it mean to be human?” This past weekend really made me look at the class at a different way.. To see what has seemingly happened over and over and over again. When do we start to lose our humanity enough to walk into a club, an elementary school, a theater, and decide to hurt innocent people? Where did we go wrong as a community to not teach ourselves and our children to grow and to become healthy adults? When did we decide that it was okay to turn a blind eye to the people we see that obviously are struggling with finding who they are? Whether that is with mental illness, struggling to admit or accept who they are, or admitting that they have something severely wrong with them. Why do we allow these people to mix into and disappear into society, and more importantly- what drove them to such a horrible extreme?

I learned from an early age that one of the biggest experiences that humans endure is pain. And my heart breaks for the families and friends in Orlando. My heart breaks for the mothers and fathers, the sisters and brothers, the lovers, and the friends. And so many have the same questions: Why did this unspeakable act have to happen? Why us? Why here?

I can’t answer why.. Only the people who did so can.. And coming from Colorado- growing up in the shadows of Columbine and barely missing being a victim of the Theater shooting during the Batman premier- I feel the pain of the community. The fear, the frustration, and the unanswered questions.

When I see a horror like this on the news I always wonder why.. What compelled the person to think that was okay? Why did they think that was the only way to disapprove of something or be upset about something? Or just think that it was a “good idea”. It’s overwhelming to think that this person decided either knowingly or subconsciously to let go of that human part of them.. To decide that they no longer put themselves in the same category as their victims. It’s a debate that I truly wish I could sit down with a panel of psychologists and doctors and just ask- WHY.

But in the end, even unanswered, there are the people left behind from the disease of violence.. There are the so many to the already numerous victims from this weekend… So many broken hearts. So many families that will never be whole again…


Partners In Crime 

Published February 5, 2016 by ohmageezers

The neighborhood is pretty good at identifying my child, and my cat. Between the wild blonde curls (don’t forget our blankie!) followed by the lazy swag of an orange and white tail high in the air, anyone can tell that these partners in crime are up to something. 


Both the little one and my four legged child find it utterly ridiculous that I don’t let them adventure to abandon during the winter. The snow is simply a new adventure! 
 So as we all eagerly wait the warmer weather, here’s my small throw back to warmer days and far more fun adventures. 



Not so imaginary romance. 

Published February 4, 2016 by ohmageezers

Sometimes you wake up realizing just how lucky you are. Just how special your day is. 

I woke up today to read the sweetest thing I could ever imagine. I thought that we were special, but sometimes I forget just how he thinks about me. How special I am to him. 

This is so rare and new to me, even a year and a half later! I’m always ready for something to hurt. Always ready to hear him say he doesn’t love me anymore. When in reality, he’s far from the other guys who have so clumsily dropped my heart before. He’s so much more… 

He has been my rescuer, my confidant, my best friend, and my lover. He is everything I’ve hoped and dreamed for. He makes my stomach to backflips from the butterflies just from looking at me. That feeling myself as a hopel as romantic never thought I’d feel.  I used to wish someone could love me the way that all these movies and books portrayed. And by the time I graduated high school, by the time I thought I had initially lost him forever, I stopped believing in those stores. I started to laugh at the fictional romance, thinking well- it must all be bullocks. No one loves like that anymore. I was an anomaly in a generation of quickies and online dates. 

But when he found me again. When my soul pulled to him unknowingly- like some starved, broken creature- I never would have realized that he would be my everything that the books had hidden away. That feeling that I thought authors had made you.. They were only portraying a much bigger feeling that no one could truly describe. 

This man makes me feel like a queen. He makes me feel everything that so many had wrote about and so much more.