Not so imaginary romance. 

Published February 4, 2016 by ohmageezers

Sometimes you wake up realizing just how lucky you are. Just how special your day is. 

I woke up today to read the sweetest thing I could ever imagine. I thought that we were special, but sometimes I forget just how he thinks about me. How special I am to him. 

This is so rare and new to me, even a year and a half later! I’m always ready for something to hurt. Always ready to hear him say he doesn’t love me anymore. When in reality, he’s far from the other guys who have so clumsily dropped my heart before. He’s so much more… 

He has been my rescuer, my confidant, my best friend, and my lover. He is everything I’ve hoped and dreamed for. He makes my stomach to backflips from the butterflies just from looking at me. That feeling myself as a hopel as romantic never thought I’d feel.  I used to wish someone could love me the way that all these movies and books portrayed. And by the time I graduated high school, by the time I thought I had initially lost him forever, I stopped believing in those stores. I started to laugh at the fictional romance, thinking well- it must all be bullocks. No one loves like that anymore. I was an anomaly in a generation of quickies and online dates. 

But when he found me again. When my soul pulled to him unknowingly- like some starved, broken creature- I never would have realized that he would be my everything that the books had hidden away. That feeling that I thought authors had made you.. They were only portraying a much bigger feeling that no one could truly describe. 

This man makes me feel like a queen. He makes me feel everything that so many had wrote about and so much more. 


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