Inspiration.. Lost..

Published August 21, 2013 by ohmageezers

There was a legitimate reason to starting this blog.. If I could remember why.. 

I’m too pathetically easily distracted I guess.. But I know I needed this! I needed something and somewhere to be able to let things off my chest.

The girl with the dirty secrets. 

Now I know many girls have a lot dirtier secrets than I, but in a small town like mine, my secrets could ruin more than just my life.. The double standards in which I live are a bit detrimental. One slip up could ruin a lot of happy lives, and a few already unhappy ones as well. 

But then again, most of us have a secret or two like that.. The ones we’re never very proud of. 

The only question is can we live with them? If no one else is to know, can we ourselves handle knowing what we did or what we know? Sometimes it depends on the weight and severity of our dirty little whisper of a secret. Sometimes our own conscience gets it’s annoying little nose into things it shouldn’t.

Either way, the moment a secret is shared, you never know who it will effect..


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